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Mass funding by the numbers

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Each semester, USG allocates funding to each of the student groups through a process called mass funding. Student groups submit their budgets, which USG first narrows down to fit within their funding guidelines (the “ideal” number). Then, they make cuts across the board to allocate within their own budget.

Spring 2014

Allocated: 136,000 (29.57% of total; 60.27% of ideal)
Ideal: 225,649.50
Total Request: 460,000
Organizations Submitted: 146

Fall 2014

Allocated: 150,000 (40.54% of total; 80.68% of ideal)
Ideal: 185,914.30
Total Request: 370,000
Organizations: 141

Spring 2015

Allocated: 182,183.54 (39.84% of total; 62.23% of ideal)
Ideal: 292,744.15
Total Request: 457,243.57
Organizations: 164

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Mass funding by the numbers