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Spotlight On: Makeup

Janet Lanman, Style Reporter

September 7, 2012

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Style

Makeup is my absolute favorite because it is so versatile!  This week, I’ve tried some of the boldest makeup trends for this season. Burgundy Lips For the perfect red lip, apply a small amount of concealer around your natural lip to prevent bleeding. Next, apply lip liner or use a lip brush to ...

Dress Yourself: Burn your wardrobe, kids, a new trend has landed

Janet Lanman, Staff Reporter

August 24, 2012

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Style

Monday: We all know Mondays are a drag. Pick simple items to make your morning easy. Guys: You may be wondering why there is a guys’ section here…well, I’m here to help you mix up that wardrobe to avoid wearing a t-shirt and pair of shorts every day. Vineyard Vines’s Saltwater Stripe Collegiate...

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