Top 10 Cleveland Museum Exhibits of 2014

Maria Fazal, Staff Reporter

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1. And in My Dream I Was Rolling on the Floor (MOCA)

Artist Kevin Beasley’s sound installation and sound performance at the Cozad-Bates House, University Circle’s oldest and only pre-Civil war structure that served as part of the Underground Railroad. It merged past and present and presented something uniquely “University Circle.”



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2. Forbidden Games: Modernist and Surrealist Photography (CMA)

A massive private collection of antique surrealist photography and films that provided an irrational, discovering experience. It provided the viewer with a hallucinogenic and nostalgic journey, while also showcasing some of the forefront artists of the surrealist and modernist movements.



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3. Nature’s Mating Games: Beyond the Birds and the Bees (Cleveland Museum of Natural History)

A frank, straightforward exhibit on sex, sexuality and reproduction that was both educational and scandalous. It featured interactive exhibits, ridiculous short films and an array of taxidermied critters.



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4. Glow (Cleveland Botanical Garden)

The yearly holiday exhibition continually grows, expands and generally outdoes itself. This year is no exception and showcases lights, trees, gingerbread houses, ice-skating, caroling and more. Something to note is the new outdoor walking tour featuring holiday art and design by Cleveland MC2 STEM High School Students.



Courtesy Chris Auerbach-Brown, MOCA Media Program Manager

5. Kasumi Shockwaves (MOCA)

A cinematic assemblage by the globally renowned artist Kasumi, who has been referred to as a pacesetter in the mediums of film, video, sound and more. It displayed her most recent work, “The Perpetual Series,” and “Shockwaves,” an 82-minute film that begins on the road to love and happiness and takes a dramatically crooked turn into madness and destruction


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