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What to do this weekend

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Friday, Sept. 2 (7:10 p.m.), Saturday, Sept. 3 (7:10 p.m.), and Sunday, Sept. 4 (4:10 p.m.): Indians vs. Marlins at home

Friday, Sept. 2 to Saturday, Sept. 3: Stupid F**cking Bird,  Eldred Theater, 7 p.m. both nights

Saturday, Sept. 3: CWRU vs. Chicago, Noon, DiSanto Field

Saturday, Sept 3: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 21st Birthday Celebration, 3 p.m., Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Saturday, Sept. 3 to Monday, Sept. 5: 2016 Cleveland National Air Show

Sunday, Sept. 4:  Crankdat Afrojack Afterparty, 9 p.m., Liquid Night Club

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What to do this weekend