5 must-see bands playing at Cleveland’s 2015 Warped Tour


Courtesy Warped Tour Facebook

A crowd gathers at Warped Tour band Beartooth’s stage; Beartooth is among the bands playing at Cleveland’s stop of the nationwide tour.

As always, Warped Tour is bringing a variety of bands to Blossom Music Center; a perfect blend of nostalgia and new. On Thursday, July 23, hordes of festival-goers will stream into the gates of the Blossom fairgrounds for the day of music.

Here are five bands that shouldn’t be missed:


1. Silverstein

Want a band that basically sums up Warped Tour? Silverstein would be up there; pulling material straight from the metal, punk, alternative and hardcore genres, Silverstein’s going to put on a very Warped show.


Going to Warped Tour just to see PVRIS (pronounced “Paris”) would still be worth it. The punky mix of synth beats and aggressive singing of Lyndsey Gunnulfsen combine into a sound reminiscent of Paramore.

3. Never Shout Never

Welcome back, high school emo and scene phases; Never Shout Never is back for another turn at the Warped Tour stage. And let’s be real, past all the hit songs like “Trouble” and “Happy” that had every tween girl swooning, the draw to seeing this band live is singer Christofer Drew’s perfectly messy hair (*gush*).

4. Simple Plan

Another throwback which deserves to be on this list—Simple Plan is a must, must, must see for any kid who sang along to “I’m Just a Kid” when experiencing all of their pre-adolescent angst.

5. MC Lars

Warped Tour has rap, too, though it’s not anything conventional. And MC Lars is pretty unconventional; check out his self-titled “laptop rap” which includes a couple of ska hits, including “This Gigantic Robot Kills.”


Check out the rest of the lineup here, and be sure to check back at observer@case.edu for a review of the festival next week.