Bubbling over with fun

UPB brings bubble soccer to campus

The world’s most popular sport is coming to Case Western Reserve University with a fun twist this Saturday, Feb. 6. At the event will be free food, lots of fun and several chances at winning an Amazon gift card for all who attend.

Almost anywhere that you go in the world, you will run into fans of soccer. This time-tested game of athleticism and strategy has been played by millions and brings the world together in angst every four years for the World Cup. But this week at CWRU, this game gets a little bit crazy for an amazingly fun time. The University Program Board (UPB) is hosting “Bubble Soccer” at Veale Athletic Center from 3 p.m.-8 p.m. this Saturday.

Bubble Soccer gained prominence because of its ridiculousness. Every player is fitted with a large, transparent, inflatable ball around their waist and over their head. This leaves nothing but the players’ legs free which makes playing the game a bit more difficult but a lot more silly when players bump into each other and bounce off, rolling around on the floor.

Teams of five are invited to sign up any day this week until Feb. 6 using OrgSync.

So if you are looking for a silly fun time and looking for a way to get active, UPB’s Bubble Soccer may be just right for you and four of your closest friends!