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“Lady of the Eternal City” takes readers on ancient Rome adventure

Chrismaly Vidal, Contributing Reporter

April 9, 2015

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How does a story filled with love, betrayal and more twists than you can count sound? A little too much like an episode of “Desperate Housewives?” Well what if I told you that this novel also happens to be a historical fiction set in Rome of ca. A.D.118-137? A little too much like a grocery store...

“Be the lobster”

Nardine Taleb, Contributing Reporter

November 26, 2014

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Do you have the courage? This is the question Elizabeth Gilbert, author of "Eat, Pray, Love" and "The Signature of All Things" asked her audience on Monday, Nov. 17 at the Writers Center Stage program, hosted at Tinkham Veale Center. The program invites remarkable authors, poets and journalists...

Local teen publishes novel about bullying

Aneeka Ayyar, Staff Reporter

October 31, 2014

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When he was 10 years old, Brett Brown decided that he wanted to write a book. Now, at only seventeen, he has already published his first novel, “Haley’s Comet,” a story about bullying, growing up, and finding yourself, all while trying to stop aliens from taking over the world. “As young...

Dennis Lehane’s blood sport

Nardine Taleb, Contributing Reporter

October 31, 2014

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Dennis Lehane’s talk on Thursday, Oct. 23, had the audience guffawing in their seats. Not only is the thriller-novelist responsible for writing several adored books like “Shutter Island” and “The Given Day,” he is also a Bostonian—and a hilarious one, too. Before diving into his comedic...

The CWRU ghost researcher

Alex Clarke, Staff Reporter

October 17, 2014

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Michele Hanks went from crying on Disney World’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride, to sitting by “the hanging tree” at Chillingham Castle in England, in the middle of the night. Alone, her eyes and ears covered, she waited like bait. Michele Hanks’s new book “Haunted Heritage: The Cultural...

Reasons to write

Jessica Yang, Social Media Editor

October 3, 2014

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Attendees of novelist Zadie Smith’s Sept. 30 lecture as part of Writer’s Center Stage series weren’t surprised at the mix of topics featured in her talk: racism, creativity and being provocative, though they may be surprised to learn that she’s guilty of watching “New Girl” and “Key and...

Author Zadie Smith to speak at CWRU

Jessica Yang, Staff Reporter

September 26, 2014

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The 11th Writers Center Stage is coming back to Cleveland for another season, however, unlike previous years, the lectures will be held on the Case Western Reserve University campus, in Tinkham Veale University Center. The Writer’s Center Stage series serves to bring writers of world renown, such as...

Spend a day with CWRU’s best writers

Jessica Yang, Staff Reporter

May 24, 2014

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Writers in the Cleveland area can convene and learn from the area’s most renowned authors and poets on May 31st during the Breaking Genres Writer’s Conference event on Mather Quad hosted by Case Western Reserve’s English department. The daylong event features various presentations and workshops...

Local library promotes National Poetry Month

Maria Fazal, Staff Reporter

April 4, 2014

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It’s April, which means that National Poetry Month has officially kicked off. The yearly event was created in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets, who was inspired by the success of month-long celebrations like Black History Month and Women’s History Month. The tradition has turned out to be...

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