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Letter to the editor: CWRU needs to emphasize moral education

Jeremy Bendik-Keymer, Beamer-Schneider Professor in Ethics & Associate Professor of Philosophy

November 30, 2018

The event convened by President Barbara Snyder on Tuesday, Nov. 27 to discuss Nazism and white supremacy's traces on campus was helpful, especially Director of the LGBT Center Liz Roccoforte's suggestion for developing a ready task force to address hate slurs on campus. One thing was missing, though: the importanc...

Letter to the Editor: Why impeachment is meaningless

Viral Mistry, Staff Columnist

September 7, 2018

Last week, we saw two different articles in The Observer discussing recent developments in the President Donald Trump-Russia collusion investigations and their implications for President Trump’s potential impeachment. It is a conversation I have seen in many political circles. For that very reason, ...

In response to “USG needs to allow a conversation on the occupation of Palestine”

Paul Rutecki

April 13, 2018

Editor’s Note: Paul Rutecki is a former columnist for The Observer. To the editor, Last week, Timothy O’Shea expressed his view that the University should “fully divest its assets from companies that directly or indirectly fund the occupation of Palestine…”.  This cause is part of a ...

Questioning if CWRU is hypocritical about ethics

Jeremy Bendik-Keymer

April 13, 2018

To the editor, The short answer is, "No."  But we should be careful. Case Western Reserve University’s mission is committed to “ethical behavior.”  Ethics is a main area of CWRU’s Strategic Plan, and it has accepted the money of numerous donors—the Inamori Foundation and the Kent Smith ...

Ltte: In response to “A challenge to Dr. Sarma and to ourselves”

Deepak Sarma

April 6, 2018

I am again disappointed (but not appalled) with Dr. Bendik-Keymer’s letter to the editor, “A challenge to Professor Sarma and to ourselves.” Here’s why: 1. As per my understanding of libel, the statements made in the first letter (Letter 1), “Why it’s good to be an Ivy League reject,”...

A challenge to Professor Sarma and to ourselves

Jeremy Bendik-Keymer

March 30, 2018

What to say of Professor Sarma’s letter? Written by a University of Chicago graduate from roughly the time I was there, it demonstrated the attitude I’d criticized. It threw put-downs in the name of an abusive truth. At the same time, it called for argument. So let’s argue: What kind of school...

In response to “Why it’s good to be an ‘Ivy League Reject’”

Deepak Sarma

March 23, 2018

I was disappointed and appalled when I read Dr. Bendik-Keymer’s sycophantic and unprofessional letter to the editor in The Observer. I too have heard students say that they were “Ivy League” rejects, though they say this wryly or with amusement, rather than with chagrin. Alas, the letter’s a...

Ltte: Why it’s good to be an “Ivy League reject”

Jeremy Bendik-Keymer

February 23, 2018

The expression was taught to me by an outgoing fourth-year student over a year ago. They were giving the main reason why so many Case Western Reserve University students overfill their time with multiple majors, CV-padding clubs and endless anxiety about grades and rankings. Since then, some student...

CWRU students: you can make it possible to plagiarize with impunity

Jeremy Bendik-Keymer

February 16, 2018

The new Academic Integrity Policy was approved by the Faculty Senate last week.  It includes some new language, notably that the reasons for Academic Integrity Board decisions must now be stated in the results of any hearing. Still, this is not good enough. It is good that the reasoning of the academi...

Ltte: We must go to class, but we also should

Jeremy Bendik-Keymer

February 9, 2018

I recently came across a report from a student—some math classes, according to what I heard, do not encourage attendance, since all that matters is how you do on the test. Now, it turns out that this report was inaccurate. The professor herself wrote me, “While it’s true that there is no sp...

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