CES wrap-up: Hema Imaging

Katie Wieser, Executive Editor

The founders of Hema Imaging thought that they were working on a specific product with a specific market.

However, while at the International Consumer Electronics Show in January, they found out that there are a number of industries looking for an easy and independent thermal imager which could be applied to specific scenarios.

“People are looking for these solutions and working really hard to find them,” said Erik Beall, one of the founders of Hema Imaging.

The company’s new product, the HemaVision, will have programming to assist in specific tasks. For example, making sure that there are no leaks in heating pipes or seeing if factory equipment is at the optimal temperature.

While Beall and his partner, Ben Woods, were at the show they found out about new applications including some they had never considered, like making sure a racecar is not in danger of overheating during a race.

The most important thing the team has learned from their experience was to always be looking for ways to improve.

“Always be open to new ideas. There may be a lot of work to validate something, but when people give you advice it comes from a different perspective. So there’s some value in that,” said Beall.

While at the show, the team not only showed off their own product, but Beall also got the opportunity to judge a pitch competition for the wearables industry and network with some of the experts in that field. That is the kind of thing that could only happen at CES.

The company joined the Consumer Electronics Association, so they’re looking to make a return to Vegas sometime in the future with the HemaVision and any new solutions they can develop.

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