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Making Connections, Pitching Ideas and Winning Prizes with LaunchNet

Making Connections, Pitching Ideas and Winning Prizes with LaunchNet
September 9, 2016

This labor day weekend on Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) campus, CWRU LaunchNet hosted the annual Launch CWRU Weekend entrepreneurship competition. This workshop weekend was aimed towards aspiring...

LaunchNet entrepreneurs gather at CWRU for Labor Day Weekend

September 2, 2016

As then first-year student Tommy Lu set up chairs at Launch CWRU Weekend 2015, he was overwhelmed by the number of entrepreneurs that had gathered to pitch their ideas with the hope of creating their own...

Because Laundry Isn’t Your Favorite Class

For students tired of doing laundry themselves, CWRU-backed startup CollegeHamper presents an alternative. Students can sign up online for the new laundry service.
$17 laundry service now available to students
August 27, 2015

Marc Parnell, sophomore, is launching the laundry service CollegeHamper at Case Western Reserve University on Oct.1. For $17, students can have a basket of laundry washed, folded and delivered. Following...

New think[box] center receives one million dollar grant

February 20, 2015

Think[box] is one step closer to being built, with a new one million dollar grant from the Burton D. Morgan Foundation. The new $35 million, seven-story think[box] building, located behind the Veale...

New app created by CWRU students gives users deals on-the-go

Savrtooth was created by three CWRU undergraduates who worked with Blackstone LaunchPad and Emerging Marketing.
February 5, 2015

Savrtooth is taking bargain hunting to a new level. The iOS app and online interface gives users access to exclusive flash sales in their area. Retailers have signed up for Savrtooth accounts to promote...

CES wrap-up: Spartan Yoyo Works

January 24, 2015

The Spartan Yoyo Works team wasn’t sure what to expect heading into the International Consumer Electronics Show in early January. As a company who uses a 3D printer to create hi-tech toys, Zach Lerner...

CES wrap-up: Hema Imaging

January 24, 2015

The founders of Hema Imaging thought that they were working on a specific product with a specific market. However, while at the International Consumer Electronics Show in January, they found out that...

CES wrap-up: Event38

January 24, 2015

Jeff Taylor and John Blair had realistic expectations for the International Consumer Electronics Show in early January. Before the show, Taylor discussed his hope to make new business contacts and meet...

CES wrap-up: SpiroSano

January 24, 2015

Healthcare app SpiroSano came into the International Consumer Electronics Show with a plan. The startup knew that their main goal would be to get more devices oriented and hopefully make some progress...

CES wrap-up: Everykey

January 24, 2015

Everykey's second Las Vegas experience was a completely different one than their first trip last year. “It was a whole different ballgame coming to CES with a product instead of a concept,” said...

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