Chipotle delivery coming to CWRU


Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Chipotle delivery will be coming to CWRU this fall via Tapingo.

Tapingo is about to make your late-night cravings a whole lot easier, with delivery from Chipotle coming to CWRU and 40 other campuses this fall.

Tapingo, the mobile service where CWRU students can order food, tickets to student events and more, announced plans for a $22 million expansion last year, including increasing their delivery options.

“Case is an amazing campus for Tapingo,” Vivek Wagle, senior director of marketing for Tapingo, told The Observer at the time. “Students have really adopted it. We are thrilled with the student love we’ve seen.”

According to Wagle, CWRU is one of Tapingo’s biggest campuses, with over 1,000 transactions a day and 2,000 students using the application per week.

Chipotle’s plan is to expand to more than 100 campuses by the spring. Delivery options include burritos, bowls and more.

Delivery does come with a small price tag, ranging between $1.99 and $4.99 depending on the city. No word yet on whether it also comes with the chain’s signature long wait times.