Tapingo to expand to more than just food

Tapingo is a mobile app that allows you to order food from local restaurants. The app is also expanding to include other goods, as well as tickets for student groups.

Starting soon you’ll be able to use Tapingo for more than just skipping the line on your late-night Denny’s run. With a new $22 million national expansion, the app hopes to move into other markets, making it your go-to for all mobile commerce.

“Students should be able to get everything they want, whether it’s toilet paper in the middle of the night or anything at all, on Tapingo,” said Vivek Wagle, senior director of marketing for Tapingo.

The app will expand to also include local businesses and retailers, with both delivery and pickup options. “We know that students and people generally have a really great relationship with their local merchants, so that’s a big priority with us,” said Wagle.

Tapingo is extremely popular at Case Western Reserve University, with vendors ranging from the Jolly Scholar to Bon Appétit operated properties in the Tinkham Veale University Center to off-campus restaurants. The Undergraduate Student Government also recently started using Tapingo to allow students to buy tickets and make donations for events.

According to Wagle, CWRU is one of Tapingo’s biggest campuses, with over 1,000 transactions a day and 2,000 students using the application per week.

“Case is an amazing campus for Tapingo,” he said. “Students have really adopted it. We are thrilled with the student love we’ve seen.”

With the new expansion, Wagle hopes that students will be able to use Tapingo even after they graduate.

“The idea is that Tapingo becomes a hub for mobile commerce, so what you want when you need it,” he said.