CWRU finalizing plan to house expanding class sizes

Julia Bianco, Staff Reporter

With applications for the class of 2017 reaching record levels, the question on many students’ minds has been simple: Where are we going to put everyone?

The university has been working through a number of plans for housing the expanding class sizes, including reclaiming Taplin Hall, which holds about 100 students. Taplin was previously being leased to the Cleveland Institute of Art, but will go back to housing Case Western Reserve University students starting next fall.

CWRU also plans on using more space in the Triangle Apartments. Currently, Triangle Tower 2 only partially houses students, but, starting next year, the entire building will be utilized for undergraduate students. Clevelanders who live in Tower 2 and are not associated with the university have already been notified, and will be given the option to move to Tower 1.

The third piece of the plan is a new residential hall that will be built on the throwing field behind Clarke Tower. The building will house 290 people, and will hopefully be able to house students beginning in fall of 2015, although it is currently still in the planning stages. The Office of Planning, Design and Construction is in the process of relocating sports teams that currently use the throwing field before construction begins.

Edit 4/2/2014, 10p.m: You can find out more about the new residential hall, including a map of the new hall’s location, in our coverage from Issue 4.