CWRU student launches CampusMonkey

Kevin Wang, Staff Reporter

CampusMonkey, a new app launching soon for iOS and Android, is aiming to help you with your homework. The free app, founded by fifth-year mechanical engineering student Leo Li, allows students to ask for and receive help from their peers by posting tasks that others can complete for pay.

Students who need help can post specific tasks, such as asking for tutoring, help taking notes in class or homework help. Other students can then sign up to help them out. Students who are looking to get make a little extra money can also offer help to others. For example, if you have a car and are headed to the supermarket, you can post, offering to take others with you for a small fee.

Students who need help pay CampusMonkey, who then transfers the money to the helpers. Only people with a university email address can register for the app.

The app will be released later this month, first to Case Western Reserve University students and then to the general public. By doing this, CWRU students will get first dibs on the app’s benefits.

Li says that when he got his first smartphone, he was “shocked at how many things you can do with it.” With the new technologies opening doors for developers, the idea for CampusMonkey was born.

In partnership with Blackstone LaunchPad and the local startup community in Cleveland, Li was able to take his idea and turn it into a reality. Li was having trouble finding a partner for his idea before he attended a Cleveland startup weekend last April. There, he was able to find a developer who became his mentor.

Li hopes that the application can help students reap the benefits of CWRU’s entrepreneurial community. For more information about the application and for news about its launch, check out its website at