Dinner and a show

The Footlighters present their fall show “First Date: The Musical”


Andrew Hodowanec

Characters confront their baggage in the “First Date: The Musical.”

This weekend, The Case Footlighters will be putting on “First Date: The Musical,” directed by fourth-year Case Western Reserve University student Beth Magid. The musical theater group is entirely student-run and puts on one production each semester, doing everything from the acting and singing on stage to playing instruments in the pit orchestra to tech work.

The show for this semester, “First Date: The Musical,” follows a blind date in real time, as the two main characters meet each other at a busy New York restaurant and confront their emotional baggage. Casey is a serial dater, and Aaron is a blind date newbie, so each comes in with different worries and expectations. The show takes place mostly in the minds of the two main characters and shows the thoughts and inner critiques in everyone’s head on a first date.

The main appeal of this show for the general CWRU population according to Julia Bianco, president of The Case Footlighters and house manager for the show, is its relatability “to the scary romantic experiences that we all go through at some point in our lives, especially as college students.”

“Everyone who likes comedies will enjoy this show,” said Bianco. “It is basically like a musical, on-stage version of any romantic comedy movie.”

Bianco said that in this comedy, “the audience should expect to laugh a lot. It has everything from dead grandmothers and angsty raps to imaginary maniacal sons.”

As a combination of comedy, romance, singing and dancing, it has a lot going for it. If you are looking for something funny, or just any form of entertainment, this is surely the show to see. If that alone is not appealing, there will be food at the performance each night including bake sales and Tropical Smoothie at intermission.

Title: “First Date: The Musical”
Theater Troupe: Case Footlighters
Show Dates: Oct. 22-24, various times.
Location: Carlton Commons
Price: $4-5