Hodowanec: Use Greek rollover to create memorial

In response to: “Greek rollover seeks project with student life impact”

To the editor,

In response to last week’s article “Greek rollover seeks project with student life impact” detailing approximately $66,000 in rollover money earmarked for student improvements and held by Greek Life, I would like to take another look at an idea proposed by several students and link it with this source of funding.

Former Undergraduate Student Government (USG) President and former Student Executive Council (SEC) Chair Taylor Gladys spent substantial time researching the creation of a memorial for students who passed away during their time at Case Western Reserve University.

I believe this proposal reflected considerably on the tragic events that happened earlier that year when on August 25, 2014, four students—William Felten, Lucas Marcelli, Abraham Pishevar, and John Hill—lost their lives in a plane crash.

What previously existed as memorial was a small plaque in Thwing Center, which, regrettably had not been updated for many years. And what stalled Gladys’s proposed memorial is, as I understand, a lack of available funding.

In speaking with Panhellenic Council (PHC) President Gina Belli and Interfraternity Congress (IFC) President Will Oldham, both are supportive of using part or all of the $66,000 Greek rollover to commission and erect a Spartan statue in or around the Tinkham Veale University Center (TVUC) and dedicate it to students who have lost their lives while enrolled at CWRU. Additionally, the creation of a small garden and sitting area could serve as a place for meditation and for the campus community to gather in times of tragedy.

What’s important is coordination between Greek Life, the university and TVUC in making this proposal come to fruition.

It’s my understanding that the PHC and IFC presidents support the creation of a memorial, so I ask that the university lift the red tape surrounding improvements to the TVUC and be prompt and cooperative in allowing student money to be spent to improve the area in and around the university center.

Andrew Hodowanec
Fourth-year student