“Inferno” a complete flop

Sierra Cotton, Staff Reporter

When I heard the news that “Inferno,” the book by Dan Brown, author of “The Da Vinci Code” series, was being turned into a movie, I was confused as to why it was being made. The last movie in the series, “Angels and Demons,” was released in 2009, and the book “Inferno,” was released in 2013. “Inferno” isn’t even the third book in the series. That place is taken by “The Lost Symbol,” which was released in the same year as its prequel’s film. Why “Inferno” was suitable for the big screen but “The Lost Symbol” was not is beyond me, as I think the entire religious thriller craze has long since passed.

I entered “Inferno” expecting an okay thriller filled with the same themes that marked its prequels: action, religious symbolism and an oncoming apocalypse brought about by man.

From the second the movie started with an awkward close-up of Ben Foster’s face to the moment it closed with Tom Hanks walking off screen, I was confused. A day later, and I’m still confused. The film focuses on Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) trying to remember what happened to him while saving the world from a plague a created by a crazy billionaire bioengineer. His plan was to wipe out humans in order to save the planet and humanity, but I guess he failed to realize that if you wipe out all of humanity, there are no humans left to save.

The cinematography and CGI was awful, and the movie was very choppy. From one scene to the next, I couldn’t understand the characters’ motivations or the plot. Usually I enjoy the religious mysteries and ciphers this series thrives on, but in this movie, none of them made sense. Additionally, the overwhelming references to Dante Alighieri made it difficult to see the connections. This movie felt like a choppy and horrid tribute to the 13th-century poet more than anything.

By the middle of the movie, I did not know what was happening and just wanted it to end. The plot, or rather lack thereof, was incredibly predictable, with so many unnecessary scenes and an elaborate scheme that should have been explained better.

If I could go back in time to save the money and time I wasted, I would in a heartbeat. I don’t know who decided this movie was a good idea, but they were mistaken. The fan base for this series has moved on and the investment is not worth it.

Movie: “Inferno”

Director: Ron Howard

Release Date: Oct. 28

Rating: 1/5 Stars