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“Love, Simon” is a universal love story

Tracy Wang, Contributing Reporter

April 6, 2018

LGBT movies are always connected with either emotional love and death, rationality with seriousness or intense pride. From “Brokeback Mountain” to “Moonlight,” LGBT films have been permeated with a sense of sadness or melancholy. “Love, Simon,” however, approaches the same sorts of issues...

“Ready Player One” will win you over

Despite doubts, Steven Speilberg's

Lars Torres, Staff Reporter

March 30, 2018

Many people said "Ready Player One" was unfilmable due to the multitude of references it makes to copyrighted material. However, in spite of this massive hurdle, an adaptation only truly needed the careful hands of Steven Spielberg, who was able to seemingly pull off the impossible and then some. Set...

Odyssey through the eyes of a child

Lars Torres, Staff Reporter

February 3, 2017

Director Barry Jenkins has been making a great deal of waves with his sophomore effort, “Moonlight,” a journey through the eyes of one person as life takes a hold on him and molds him in ways he never imagined. After winning “Best Picture - Drama” at the Golden Globe Awards, the expectations ...

Shyamalan’s filmmaking and McVoy’s acting shine in “Split”

Lars Torres, Staff Reporter

January 27, 2017

Back in late 2015, divisive director M. Night Shyamalan made a return to quality filmmaking with his found footage horror thriller “The Visit,” which was considered simpler than his earlier thriller films, but still a much better work than he had done in years. This year opens up with his newest effort, ...

“La La Land” proves its merit

Lars Torres, Staff Reporter

January 20, 2017

In 2014, 29-year old filmmaker Damien Chazelle, having done just one independent film, “Guy and Madeleine on a Park Bench,” broke onto the scene with a masterful sophomore effort in the form of jazz drama “Whiplash,” which starred Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons. Viewed by many and myself as ar...

Powerhouse performances build “Fences”

Lars Torres, Staff Reporter

January 20, 2017

Deep into Oscar season, yet another film has emerged firing on all cylinders. This film, “Fences,” based on the celebrated play of the same name by renowned playwright August Wilson, showcases variety and depth in each aspect of film.  Two powerhouse performances from both Denzel Washington and...

Disney’s entry into a new world

Lars Torres, Staff Reporter

December 9, 2016

The Walt Disney Co. train has not let up at all this year, and the only thing that will be surprising is if it stops anytime soon—which it won’t. In this year alone, Disney has released two major Marvel Studios films, two other animated films—one in conjuction with Walt Disney Animation Studios a...

Narcissism and angst reign in “Edge of Seventeen”

Kevin Qosja, Staff Reporter

December 2, 2016

I am not a big fan of teenage dramedies, so I must assume my desire to see this movie was based on my interest in the actors. Hailee Steinfeld was introduced in 2010 with her brilliant performance in “True Grit” which earned her an Academy Award nomination at 14 years old. She went low-key for a whi...

“Inferno” a complete flop

Sierra Cotton, Staff Reporter

November 4, 2016

When I heard the news that “Inferno,” the book by Dan Brown, author of “The Da Vinci Code” series, was being turned into a movie, I was confused as to why it was being made. The last movie in the series, “Angels and Demons,” was released in 2009, and the book “Inferno,” was released in ...

Yoga Hosers Review

Lars Torres, Staff Reporter

October 28, 2016

Back in 2014, renowned independent film director Kevin Smith (who directed “Clerks” and “Chasing Amy”), released the first in his “True North” trilogy, a comedic horror film known as “Tusk”. The film was an incredibly bizarre take on experimental horror, involving the physical and ment...

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