March Spot Night Previews

March 5: Panama Wedding

One of the most anticipated Spot Nights of the year is soon approaching. Panama Wedding is a four-person synthpop group from New York City with a fun, college-hipster sound. This band is quickly breaking out of the “underground” scene, as its songs continue to climb up the alternative charts. Panama Wedding were set to perform at Spot Night on Oct. 23 of last year, but cancelled last minute, so their return to campus is highly anticipated (especially in the wake of their most famous single “All Of The People” continuing to grow in popularity). “All Of The People” currently sits at #38 on the U.S. Alternative Billboard Chart. Panama Wedding’s music is impressive, relatable and sure to captivate the Case Western Reserve University campus while providing the perfect midterms study break.

March 19: Bronze Radio Return

Bronze Radio Return is a sextet originating from Hartford, Conn. This New England based group grew up listening to a variety of types of music, and as a result, the band often pays homage to these various influences in its music. Their sound has been described as a happy mix of a variety of tastes. Their famous single “Further On” recently brought them acclaim and has over half a million views on YouTube. These six singers are sure to provide for an enjoyable night at The Spot.