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In the Valley Below performed their hit Peaches at last weeks Spot Night concert.

In the Valley Below leads a small but energetic Spot Night

Ellie Rambo, Arts & Entertainment Editor February 26, 2016

“Welcome … well this is intimate.” Angela Gail Mattson began her band’s set at Spot Night with something that was on everyone’s minds: the small size of the crowd at Friday night’s show....

Despite some awkward moments, Brick + Mortar headlined an energetic show at the first Spot Night of the semester.

Brick + Mortar build exciting return to weekly Spot Nights

Anne Nickoloff, Director of Print January 22, 2016

With the beginning of the spring semester came the beginning of weekly University Program Board’s Spot Night. On Friday, Jan. 15, indie rock band Brick + Mortar headlined the late night concert, preceded...

Neon Indian performed at one of this semesters monthly Spot Nights, which UPB will be changing to a weekly event next semester.

Weekly Spot Nights are back

Tiffany Cheung, Staff Reporter December 4, 2015

In the good old days, Spot Night was weekly. Every week, music would blast from the musicians practicing their songs. Walking down the steps to The Spot was an experience. Each step vibrated with the music....

Synthpop band Neon Indian played to a large group of students at this months Spot Night.

Spot Night returns with Neon Indian

Sarah Lisk, Contributing Reporter November 20, 2015

Last Friday night, hundreds of students flooded the basement beneath Leutner Commons to bask in the music of headlining electronic chillwave band Neon Indian and opener Explorer Tapes. Known for their...

Editorial: Spot Night can change, but only carefully

Observer Staff September 11, 2015

Spot Night is a key concert and a much beloved event that the University Program Board (UPB) historically put on weekly. Students always knew that they could find a band playing at the Spot on Thursday...

UPBs Spot Night will only be occurring once a month this year in an effort to reduce over-programming.

What’s happening with Spot Night?

Tiffany Cheung, Staff Reporter September 4, 2015

Walking down the stairs to The Spot, you hear loud music playing, and the beat seems to bounce off the table to the chair to the steps. You are pumped up and excited. You can almost feel the vibrant energy...

April Spot Night previews

Temi Omilabu, Staff Reporter March 27, 2015

April 2: Joywave with opener Night Terrors of 1927 This band from Rochester, NY is known for their indie sound mixed with an electronic flare. Their single, “Dangerous” found itself on top of the...

March Spot Night Previews

Temi Omilabu, Staff Reporter February 27, 2015

March 5: Panama Wedding One of the most anticipated Spot Nights of the year is soon approaching. Panama Wedding is a four-person synthpop group from New York City with a fun, college-hipster sound....

February Spot Night preview

Temi Omilabu, Staff Reporter January 30, 2015

Feb. 5, 2015: Futurebirds (with opener Jordan Genovese) Futurebirds are an indie band hailing from Athens, GA. Their southern roots explain the subtle country-rock sound that can be heard in many of their...

January Spot Night previews

Temi Omilabu, Staff Reporter January 16, 2015

Bear Hands (Jan. 22) Bear Hands is an indie rock band that hails from New York. The band consists of Ted Feldman (guitar), Dylan Rau (guitar/vocals), TJ Orscher (drums) and Val Loper (bass). The group...

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