New app created by CWRU students gives users deals on-the-go


Ki Oh/Observer

Savrtooth was created by three CWRU undergraduates who worked with Blackstone LaunchPad and Emerging Marketing.

Savrtooth is taking bargain hunting to a new level.

The iOS app and online interface gives users access to exclusive flash sales in their area. Retailers have signed up for Savrtooth accounts to promote their items or services.

Creators Billy Littlefield, Nate Leclerc and Fred Li all attend Case Western Reserve University. They were able to launch the new app thanks to organizations like Emerging Marketing, a company experienced in “business to business” marketing techniques, and Blackstone LaunchPad.

Littlefield serves as chief executive officer, Leclerc as chief technology officer and Li as chief operations officer.

“We started Savrtooth when we realized that flash sales online were so successful in the short-term, while brick and mortar stores were struggling to compete against online e-commerce businesses that offered these features,” notes the Savrtooth website. “So we created Savrtooth, a mobile application that sends local push-notifications to users for short lasting, limited time deals for big time savings.”

Users interested in finding sales simply have to create an account. As they go about their day, they will receive notifications on their phone about local sales that are available for a limited time. They can click on the sale to see how much time remains to use it, and they can show their countdown screens to a cashier to get the deal before time runs out. Sales can last for days, or for minutes.

The app will be in a closed beta testing mode in the University Circle area from now until next month. Anyone here with an iPhone can download the app, and every user is encouraged to give feedback on the program to speed up the debugging process.