Outside The Circle: 8/30

A look at what’s going outside the CWRU bubble

Mike McKenna and Tara Tran

More than 1,300 people lost in Syria as a result of chemical weapons

The global community is currently discussing actions to be taken regarding the use of chemical weapons on civilians in Damascus, the capital and second-largest city of Syria. The usage of chemical weapons is strictly banned according to the Geneva Protocol, in response to their use during World War I.

Many countries are currently awaiting a United Nations inspection, which is investigating the details regarding the chemicals, but some U.S. officials are pressing for military action and may not wait for these outcomes. Secretary of State John Kerry said in a statement that the pictures and information released so far “should shock the conscience of the world.”

The United States, Great Britain, France and Israel are all suggesting a military response against the Syrian regime. Germany stated that it would follow suit if the UN inspection confirms the chemical allegations.

Reports suggest Apple will offer trade-in credit towards new iPhones

Numerous reports are claiming that Apple will offer trade-ins of old iPhones to apply credit towards the purchase of new iPhones. MacRumors, a blog focused on Apple news, says that company employees are undergoing training for this kick-start program.

If this program were to be implemented, it is speculated that it would begin around Sept. 10, which many believe is the date of the release of the new iPhone.

A mail-in-rebate program similar to this exists already, but the accessibility and convenience of exchange in-person could make the trade-in credit more appealing.

It is believed that Apple is partnering up with Brightstar in an attempt to be more ‘green’. The old iPhones that are being traded in would be refurbished and resold throughout the world.

Miley Cyrus stirs controversy in her VMA act

At this year’s Video Music Awards, Miley Cyrus performed her nominated song, “We Can’t Stop” with an appearance from Robin Thicke and his hit song, “Blurred Lines.” Many deemed this performance, which consisted of straddling giant teddy bears, ‘twerking’, indecent touching, lots of appearances of her tongue and other actions inappropriate.

Others are arguing that Cyrus was just being herself and expressing her music through different means. Those against the performance say that it was inappropriate for the younger audience watching the awards. Others have argued that those in the younger age bracket should not even be watching the VMAs in the first place.

Cyrus’ performance registered 306,100 tweets per minute: more than the Super Bowl last year. The day of the performance, Google generated over 10 million searches for Miley Cyrus. In comparison, Syria only generated around 100,000 searches.