Party in the blue spirit

CWRU Blue Block Party kicked off Homecoming Weekend

Tiffany Cheung, Contributing Reporter

On Oct. 16, Cleveland community gathered in Toby’s Plaza, under a huge tent which (thankfully) blocked out the rain.

In the busy and bustling tent filled with blue, what stood out were two white think[box] exhibits.

As tradition goes, the Blue Block Party features the exhibit to show students and alumni how the signature Blue Block Party blue drink is made. This exhibit uses a laminar flow system that allows the punch to launch in a jet steam like fashion into a cup for serving, and shows the calculations needed for the drink to not splash out of its stream.

For those that were not interested in the science and logistics behind the traditional drink, they could simply watch how the drink was made and enjoy the tasty drink.

On the other side of the tent, there was another exhibit. This exhibit used liquid nitrogen to make organic and vegan dark chocolate think[box] medallions. Students and alumni were encouraged to watch the medallion go from liquid, to solid, to souvenirs; and then pick up their own think[box] medallion as a Blue Block Party memento as they went past the exhibit.

As students and alumni made their way out of the blue tent filled with music from DJ Chipotle, the signature blue drink, and delicious foods, they saw a never-ending path of people enjoying the local businesses of Uptown Cleveland.

After immediately walking out of the tent, there was a bonfire for students to roast marshmallows. For some, this was the first time they ever roasted a marshmallow. One freshman student, Katie Laird, who roasted marshmallows all her life even remarked, “You didn’t even burn your marshmallow right” to her friend who just roasted (or burned) her first marshmallow.

Along the path of Toby’s square and in the Triangle, there was an array of creative activities and mouth-watering foods that students and alumni were encouraged to try. There was hot apple cider, caramel apple slices, corn on the cob, nitrogen ice cream from Piccadilly and other delicious foods for people to taste.

There was also pumpkin decorating and a photo booth. Some pumpkins were simply drawn on with markers while other pumpkins were decorated with colorful string and intricate patterns. The photo booth was a place where people were able to lose themselves in the feathery boas, funky hats and huge glasses that they wore for their souvenir pictures.

This year’s Blue Block Party was a success filled with mouth-watering foods and exciting activities, despite the short bursts of rain.