Shamelessly geek out at Homecoming

Isabel Torres-Padin, Staff Reporter

Homecoming may elicit some unfortunate memories of awkward high school dances and sweaty parades for many of us, but at Case Western Reserve University homecoming week is a yearly tradition with a multitude of activities that offer a nice break from the usual weekday monotony.

Coined GEEK WEEK, this year’s activities should appeal to us CWRU “geeks” pretty well. Staff Advisor to the Homecoming Committee Matthew Knickman (formerly Assistant Director for Programs in the Student Activities and Leadership Office) said the theme is, “intentionally broad,” in hopes of appealing to what students are passionate about and increasing campus involvement in the event.

When we thought of GEEK WEEK, it was about embracing whatever as a CWRU student you are passionate about – video games, research, sports, etc. We hope when asking students what they geek out about that it is a way to just ask what they are passionate about here on and off campus,” said Knickman on the theme.

Another change this year is the structure of the group that plans Homecoming. In years past, Homecoming was planned and funded as a joint effort by the Student Activities and Leadership Office and the student organization formerly known as the Student Executive Council, but as of this year the student-run Homecoming Committee has been created. Knickman explained, “Last year the group became its own organization receiving money from the Student Activities Fund, and this is the first homecoming under this regime.”

Despite a change in organization this year’s homecoming should be the same, if not better than year’s past, because the change was largely made to meet the Division of Student Affairs’ goals to increase pride and spirit on campus.

Starting off the week on Saturday, Oct. 8 is the lively Class Officer Collective Kickoff. The two CWRU traditions, the Freshmore (first-year vs. second-year) Pushball game and the Junior vs. Senior flag football game, will be combined with free food and Spartan pride. This should be an energetic and spirited start to GEEK WEEK regardless of your athletic prowess (or lack thereof). Knickman sees this as a way to “celebrate the beginning of CWRU Homecoming week.”

Although there are plenty of activities that take up the whole week, if you decide to only go to one, consider making it the Parade. Happening before the football game on next Saturday Oct. 15, the parade’s floats and overall vibe will epitomize CWRU culture. Combined with the beautiful fall weather, the parade is sure to impress. If my excitement for the parade is not enough to get you there, Knickman said that, “I am most looking forward to the parade. Last year was absolutely perfect—great weather, very creative floats and banners, great showing of students and student organizations both in the parade and watching the parade and an overall great showcase of CWRU Spirit”.

Knickman and the Homecoming Committee are excited to see how the newly-themed event goes next week. Knickman said on behalf of the Homecoming Committee,  “We hope this year that by bringing so many students to the mix and working on marketing for the campus that everyone knows about the event and takes advantage of the opportunity to showcase their CWRU pride.”

So head out to next week’s GEEK WEEK events to show a little Case pride, have a little fun and get a little geeky.