What’s happening with Spot Night?


Harsha Chandupatla/Observer

UPB’s Spot Night will only be occurring once a month this year in an effort to reduce over-programming.

Walking down the stairs to The Spot, you hear loud music playing, and the beat seems to bounce off the table to the chair to the steps. You are pumped up and excited. You can almost feel the vibrant energy on your fingertips. Students are lined up at the door, eagerly waiting to swipe their IDs. You swipe your ID and a University Program Board member tells you with a smile to enjoy the show.

Loud music surrounds you as you walk through the door to The Spot. Everyone is moving and swaying on their feet to the beat. You don’t know what band is playing, but they sound good. You wonder why you have never heard of them before, but it’s probably because you were too swamped with homework and tests. Forget about that. You came here to have a good time, hang out with some friends and listen to music.

This is Spot Night.

But now, instead of every week on a Thursday night, Spot Night will now be every month on a Friday night.

Kapil Patki, UPB’s Director of Concerts, says that this change happened in light of the effort to reduce over-programming on campus. “There seemed to be an event every day of the week, and weekly Spot Night contributed to that,” says Patki.

UPB’s aim is to have bigger-known artists come to the monthly Spot Nights. “This change will also help us avoid some of the flops we had last year,” says Patki. With the decrease of UPB events, more money will be allocated to each event. UPB also predicts that this change will increase the number of people at its events.

Additionally, moving Spot Night from Thursday nights to Friday nights will give the student body something fun to do on a Friday night. For those who don’t like to go out and party, Spot Night will be open and playing beats. Since UPB expects more people at Spot Night with their change, they will be accepting people on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For the fall semester, UPB already has a schedule of the Spot Nights they will have. In August, there was the Spot Night catered specifically to first-year students. In September, there will be no Spot Night because of the Fall Concert on Sept. 26. In October, there will be no Spot Night because UPB is getting DJs Super8 & Tab for the Tinkerball Dance on Oct. 10. In November will be the first official Spot Night of the Fall Semester open to all students, when Neon Indian will perform at The Spot on Nov. 13.

Finally, in December, there will be no Spot Night because of the semester ending and finals.

UPB hopes that their changes will bring big artists and more students to Spot Night.

However, the concerts can hardly be equated to what was previously known as “Spot Night.” UPB’s concert programming has undergone a massive change of over 10 concerts a semester, down to just four.