Stephanie Endy begins as Associate Vice President for Research


Courtesy CWRU Media Relations

Stephanie Endy, the new associate vice president for CWRU’s Office of Research and Technology Management, enjoys dancing, playing the violin and diving in her free time.

“I believe that Case Western Reserve University’s research is incredible,” said newly hired Associate Vice President for Research in CWRU’s Office of Research and Technology Management Stephanie Endy. “In the short time I’ve been here, I have been privileged to begin learning about the amazing discoveries and explorations that happen on this campus.”

Oct. 1 was Endy’s first day at CWRU. Her duties include overseeing research administration, reviewing research applications, working with CWRU’s various deans for research to promote research opportunities and organizing research partnerships.

“Mostly my job is about listening to people, learning what they need and figuring out how to help them,” said Endy. “I work primarily with the staff in the Office of Research Administration and researchers across campus to help ensure that internal and external relationships related to research administration are not only functional but also on a positive growth trajectory.”

Endy first heard about CWRU when she was applying to undergraduate schools. Though she ended up going elsewhere, she remembered CWRU and was excited when she heard about the job here.

“During my job search this year, I was pleased to learn that this position was open and excited to learn more about the extraordinary research conducted here,” said Endy. “I have met exceptionally talented and friendly people throughout the interview process and since starting work here.”

Most recently, Endy was the assistant vice president for extramural funding at the The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in Manhasset, NY. Before that she worked with various other institutions, and she has also been active in the Society of Research Administrators International; this year she is the strategic plan committee chair.

Endy also plays the violin (she hopes to join CWRU’s University Symphony Orchestra) and loves diving and ballroom dancing. Despite taking place in her free time, these activities also impact her work.

“Each of my hobbies has definitely contributed to the way I work,” said Endy. “Music is about playing with others but also shows me structures that sometimes help shape vision and strategy; diving always reminds me of how much we don’t know and gives me new perspectives on and in our wonderful world; and dancing is incredible stress relief.”

She also enjoys baking.

“When you follow the instructions you will get a pre-determined result,” she said of the hobby. “It can be very soothing at times to know that at least one thing in the world is predictable.”

If Endy had to choose three words to describe herself, she would choose caring, focused and “a little bit unconventional,” though she thinks her friends would say she’s patient, optimistic and pragmatic.

Endy is bringing her focus, care and unconventionality into this position at CWRU.

“Out of all the experiences I’ve had, the best thing about my career so far is the exposure to all kinds of new ideas and people,” said Endy. “I love hearing about areas of inquiry and exploration as researchers try to understand the world we live in. The discoveries never cease to amaze me.”