Strut your stuff

Spectrum’s 12th annual Drag Ball sure to be a hit

Spectrum, the LGBTQA+ Allies student group, will be embracing the culture of drag on Feb. 20 at the Drag Ball.

A little known fact about drag is that it actually stems from fourth century B.C. Athens, where it was a common punishment for those who refused to conform to their societal gender roles. Over time, however, it morphed into a more positive expression, a way for all types of people to celebrate acceptance and tolerance. It provides for an arena of self-expression while serving as an outlet for creativity and self-exploration.

Spectrum’s Drag Ball seeks to stimulate discussion about drag culture and gender in a friendly, energetic environment. There will be games, performances and lots of genuine fun. Audience members will use monetary donations to vote for their favorite performers, and Spectrum will offer all donations to the Cleveland LGBT Center.

Lizzy Benway, former president of Spectrum, helped plan the night’s array of events.

“People can expect to see… students dressing in drag and strutting their stuff down the runway in Tink,” said Benway. “At the end there will be a special professional drag performance from our very own Lady J. Martinez, a grad student here at Case Western Reserve University.”

Benway also mentioned that the audience can expect a runway walk and lip syncing, among other forms of entertainment.

“One of my favorite memories from Drag Ball last year was watching one of my good friends perform ‘Wrecking Ball’ as Miley Cyrus. He was hesitant at first to perform in the event but ended up having a blast and gaining praise from the whole crowd,” said Benway. “He has no prior experience with drag but left his fears at the door, went out there and had a great time.”

Benway and the rest of Spectrum encourage the CWRU community to attend this event and experience the fun for themselves.

Event: Drag Ball
Location: Tinkham Veale University Center
Date: Feb. 20, 8 p.m.
Price: Free