Students, community members asked for feedback on next master plan

Interactive survey to offer individuals chance to voice concerns, opinions

Kushagra Gupta, Staff Reporter

Case Western Reserve University recently released a survey designed to aid in its creation of its master plan for the next decade. The university then hired the firm, Sasaki Associates, to conduct the survey and to report the results to university.

The survey involves using an interactive satellite view of the campus. Interested individuals can describe the purposes of specific buildings, labelling them as work areas, study areas, socializing places or other classifications. Then, they can comment and rate each structure. Following this, students have the chance to define the outside parts of campus, and state what portions they believe to be the heart of the campus. They can even list areas that make them feel unsafe. Following this, students are able to trace their campus routes on the map and the areas that they feel are off-campus.

The firm plans to use the information gathered from the survey to find opportunities and challenges in changing the university’s physical infrastructure to support students’ needs. This includes student centers, dining halls and other areas. CWRU will use the survey to improve learning, research and student life spheres. It could result in new construction projects that begin five to 10 years from now.
Sasaki Associates was selected from 10 applicants by a committee that included faculty, students, administrators and trustees. This particular firm has plenty of experience in Cleveland, as it helped develop areas downtown including the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s Healthline service.

The last master plan released by the university was in 2005. In this, it was shown that a student center and a dining hall were needed, as well as development on Euclid Avenue. The result was the creation of the Tinkham Veale Center and further construction on Euclid Avenue.

The survey can be taken online at