Style spotlight: Heather Hahn

Before going to Los Angeles and becoming a celebrity stylist and renowned fashion blogger, Heather Hahn was a member of the Cleveland community.

Growing up in Westlake, Ohio, Hahn felt her creative outlet was fostered through fashion by being surrounded by a community of people and friends that held artistic values of self-expression. Her self-proclaimed style was a mixture of “bubbly and edgy.” She said her style has developed from her emotions, moods and personality over the years, and from her joyful tone, her style appears to be an obvious manifestation of her overall jubilant personality.

Hahn always tries to have her clothes make her feel happy about herself and the person she is presenting to others around her. Her main style advice is applicable to all times in life: “Wear what makes you happy.”

While Hahn’s ties to Cleveland and the Midwest are strong due to her past, she did not think she could accomplish what she wanted to in this setting. She decided that she would move to the coast and felt a special pull to Los Angeles as she applied to school with special fashion education departments and ties to the industry. This was her time to get away, as she was working on getting an education in her field of interest and discovering and developing her independence.

Hahn’s first main profession in the fashion industry was styling for a variety of clients, including celebrities. One of the mentalities she picked up from styling was her tendency to ignore trends saturated in the market, instead focusing on her style or the style of the client. While styling she was asked to manage blogs and webpages of others she worked with and soon discovered her talent.

Although Hahn tries to avoid trends, when asked what her favorite trend for the upcoming season was, Hahn’s favorites included kimono-style draper jackets and jumpsuits.

Transitioning to blogging was complex because Hahn said she was still doing a lot of styling at the time. However the blog, titled “Chiffon Souffle,” soon became a new focus for her. “I really enjoy the soufflés at Panera and always thought it would be good in a name,” she said.

By pairing two things Heather innately loved, her soufflés and fashion, she inevitably differentiated her blog among the dime-a-dozen fashion blogs that exist on the internet. Hahn says her blog is more of a lifestyle publication than any one thing specifically; she likes to incorporate travel, food, health and other elements that might be identifiable in the lives that her readers live.

Blogging has been one of the most rewarding things that Hahn has accomplished thus far in her early career. She finds her work meaningful because she enjoys helping and inspiring others to share their own voices and points of view.

While enjoying her work as a blogger immensely, Hahn stated that eventually she would like to have a line. Currently she has a line with My Jewel Bar, an online fashion jewelry retailer, as one of their highlighted stylists. As Hahn pursues her dreams in fashion, she advises others in all fields to explore all possibilities within industries and offers a tip: “Find creative ways to push your dreams one step further.”