“Supernatural” putters along in season 11

Supernaturals eleventh season premiered on The CW on Oct. 7.

The CW

“Supernatural’s” eleventh season premiered on The CW on Oct. 7.

Season 11, time for some slow melodrama and self reflection. Having just celebrated a decade of brotherly angst, cheap special effects and great hair, “Supernatural” came in slowly for its umpteenth season premiere, with some bizarre form changes that may mean that the show still has some life in it yet.

The premiere felt relatively quiet among “Supernatural’s” past offerings. It was almost bottle episode-esque, mostly taking place with the brothers trapped in a hospital room trying to save the few remaining unsuspecting townsfolk from the imminent threat of the black fog that had begun to take over the world in last season’s finale. Add in a possibly evil baby with a tragic backstory and you’ve got a recipe for a great midseason “Supernatural” episode.

As a premiere, though, the quiet, contained atmosphere didn’t have quite the same effect. While it was a smart decision for the show to try something different so far into its run, the premiere lacked the epic feel of the show’s past. Still, the fact that it was willing to take this risk could hint at some much needed change this season.

The Darkness, while still left mysterious after the premiere, seems like it may be a legitimately scary villain, another welcome difference after the past few seasons of watered down big bads. The show has struggled since ending its carefully planned initial five season run, with each threat feeling less and less able to live up to the past few.

With the brief mention of old rivals Michael and Lucifer, both still rotting in their cage in Hell, the premiere hinted that this season may be bringing together some of the show’s long-running threads. If it’s able to do this, to connect eleven seasons of death, doom, destruction and pie into a legitimate and full-fledged arc, maybe the show will finally be ready and willing to bow out. Until then, though, let’s face it: we’re never getting off this ride.

Show: “Supernatural”

Airs: Wednesdays at 9 pm on The CW

Created by: Eric Kripke

Rating: 3.5/5