The style of working out

This week, I visited Wyant Athletic Center for more than just a quick sweat session. I approached unsuspecting students to ask about their gym attire and its impact on a fulfilling workout. Regardless of clothing choices, students agreed their choices were dictated by comfort more than anything else.

Students throughout the gym wore slight variations of the same outfit, with leggings, shorts and athletic pants paired with casual t-shirts. Most students were in the zone, focused on their workout, a drastic difference from my home gym where people almost seem to be there to socialize and look fit, rather than actually exercise.

Student Mackenzie White said her style was comfortable and tailored to her needs that day. She emphasized the importance of her high quality Nike leggings to ensure she wasn’t accidentally showing everything off while performing squats. Student Kristin Garr echoed similar sentiments, wearing moisture-wicking fabrics that allowed her to move with ease. Garr also noted that bright colors can be a motivator, and although this can be a somewhat silly tactic, it is what works for her.

Student Will Spallino wore similar no-frills gear as the women I interviewed, clothing meant to stay out of his way during exercise. He went on to say he completely focuses on himself at the gym, tuning out all other distractions. Spallino said his training affects his performance and confidence, not his outfit. Alex Keller-Biehl donned casual soccer gear for his weight-lifting session. Paired with a casual winter hat, he explained CWRU students are much less judgmental about gym attire than other gyms.

Issy Haney sarcastically described her gym gear as stylish, noting that she typically wears whatever is clean and has worn all day. This includes her cow socks she wore the previous day, but this doesn’t affect her confidence. Despite possible judgment from others, Haney noted that she feels ahead of the pack, just for coming to the gym. Her confidence derives from her good health more than anything else.

Students exercising at Wyant mean business. They don’t dress to impress anyone, but rather in the way that will best benefit their workout routine. In the busy life of a Case Western Reserve University student, a trip to the gym is meant to be a trip for exercise alone. While in other places the gym may serve as a gathering spot or a place to keep up appearances, you can bet that if CWRU students are taking time out of their schedule to go to the gym, they are doing so with the intention of working hard and getting their money’s worth.