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Counting the meters

Srivatsan Uchani, Staff Reporter

November 11, 2016

One of the most commendable features of Case Western Reserve University is its forward-thinking dedication to being environmentally sustainable. A host of initiatives and organizations on campus have worked for years to reduce CWRU’s environmental footprint. One of the most recent initiatives in this d...

Focus on sustainability

Sierra Cotton, Staff Reporter

September 23, 2016

On Sept. 17 from 1-6 p.m., the Student Sustainability Council (SCC) hosted their annual Farm Harvest Festival, a tradition since 2010. According to Heather Eby, secretary of the SCC and a second-year chemical engineering student, “the group’s goals were to educate Case Western Reserve University...

Celebrate sustainability this weekend

Chrismaly Vidal, Staff Reporter

September 16, 2016

An annual tradition since 2010, the Farm Harvest Festival will be entering its sixth year Sept. 17. Presented by the Student Sustainability Council (SSC), this is a fun-focused event that allows Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) students, faculty, staff and other community members to enjoy the U...

Student Sustainability Council passes two USG resolutions

The Student Sustainability Council has a several-year plan for implementing renewable energy sources and plans to work on campus's water infrastructure before disposable water bottles are banned.

Srivatsan Uchani, Staff Reporter

April 15, 2016

Campus may soon be losing plastic bottles and gaining sustainable energy. The Student Sustainability Council (SSC), an ad-hoc committee under the Undergraduate Student Government (USG), proposed two resolutions that were passed at the March 29 General Assembly meeting. Going forward, those two resolutions—A...

CWRU studies solar panels

Srivatsan Uchani, Staff Reporter

April 1, 2016

After an uncharacteristically warm winter in Cleveland, the upcoming summer offers the possibility of being even hotter than usual—with plenty of sun to enjoy and to use. This is good news for Case Western Reserve University’s Solar Durability and Lifetime Extension (SDLE) Center and its director...

Recycling as a journey, a student’s career

John Brogan made posters in which recycling represented one part of a journey in order to study the effectiveness of that as a conceptual metaphor.

Kushagra Gupta, Opinion Editor

April 1, 2016

Fourth-year student John Brogan found his passion while being hassled as he canvassed for a door-to-door environmental campaign. As he collected signatures, fundraised and encouraged some less-than-enthused constituents to write to politicians, he had to think hard about how to get his message across...

Whether ‘grabbing’ or ‘bagging,’ lunch now without plastic bags

Kushagra Gupta and Aneeka Ayyar

October 30, 2015

The typical beacon of a student’s Grab It! or Bag It! lunch is the plastic bag. Due to over a year of efforts by the Student Sustainability Council (SSC), that has now changed. On Wednesday, Oct. 21, Grab It! and Bag it! stopped offering plastic bags and students instead have had the option of...

TVUC gets new trash cans

Single-stream recycling should cut down on waste of recyclables, but Northeast Ohio still lacks the infrastructure to compost everything decomposable.

Jeniece Montellano, Social Media Editor

September 25, 2015

Single-stream recycling is the new green initiative at Case Western Reserve University. Single-stream recycling is the process of combining all recyclables, such as glass, plastic or cardboard, together into one bin, instead of having consumers separate it themselves. Typically this combined hodgepodge...

Racing a cardboard navy

In heat one, the “USSC” dashes from the wall to victory, while the “Whale Wagon” and “1-2-1 Fierceness” attempt to catch up in the inaugural Recycle Regatta in Donnell Pool.

JP. O’Hagan, Sports Editor

March 26, 2015

The buzzer sounded, the race was off. But the contestants were not running, swimming or cycling. Instead they were rowing cardboard boats across Donnell Pool racing not just each other, but also the time until when their boats would give out beneath them. This unique event was weeks in the making...

Moving towards a more sustainable campus

John Brogan, Staff Reporter

March 20, 2015

CWRU prides itself on its sustainability, but there is always more to be done. The Department of Sustainability hopes to recycle 50 percent of the university's trash within the next five years.

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