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Tapingo to expand to more than just food

Tapingo is a mobile app that allows you to order food from local restaurants. The app is also expanding to include other goods, as well as tickets for student groups.
April 2, 2015

Starting soon you’ll be able to use Tapingo for more than just skipping the line on your late-night Denny’s run. With a new $22 million national expansion, the app hopes to move into other markets,...

Jolly Scholar to deliver to the quad during peak hours

Jolly Scholar staff will be bringing food to the quad starting March 16.
February 26, 2015

Soon there will be a new set of wheels on campus. Matt Vann, the owner of the Jolly Scholar, plans to use large, insulated pushcarts to deliver food orders to the main quad in between classes starting...

USG opening new store on Tapingo

October 9, 2014

The Undergraduate Student Government will be opening a new store on Tapingo for student organizations to use to help facilitate and maximize sales. Tapingo is a popular mobile application that allows...

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