USG opening new store on Tapingo

Sruthi Meka, Staff Reporter

The Undergraduate Student Government will be opening a new store on Tapingo for student organizations to use to help facilitate and maximize sales.

Tapingo is a popular mobile application that allows students to place orders for on-campus restaurants, including the L3 Grill and Denny’s All-Nighter. With USG’s new store, students will also be able to purchase tickets for student events using the application.

Student organizations will be able to add items to the USG store through an online OrgSync application, which is currently under development. The items will then be available for sale through the USG store for a specified amount of time. The USG finance committee will report the sales to the specific student organization using an itemized breakdown.

“[The Tapingo store] is in no way replacing the current USG CaseCash machines,” said Chippy Kennedy, USG Vice President of Finance. Kennedy added that CaseCash machines will still be available for rent through Auxiliary Services, and that USG recently purchased two additional machines.

“I see a future of USG’s Tapingo system running side by side with the CaseCash rentals,” said Kennedy.

Student organizations that wish to sell items through the Tapingo store will work with USG and will be made aware of per-item costs they will be charged. Additional or overhead costs will not apply to organizations that choose not to participate in the new system.

“There is no overhead cost to USG’s internal or external budget,” said Kennedy.

USG is partnering with Student Affairs IT Operations to run the new store.