The Mowgli’s: Spot On

Anne Nickoloff, Staff Reporter

A line of excited students wrapped from L4 (Lower Level Leutner Lounge) all the way upstairs to the front doors  this past Thursday around 8:45 p.m.

Question: Why would students be waiting by the dining hall so late at night?

Answer: The Mowgli’s.

This Sept. 5 Spot Night concert brought in The Mowgli’s, an alternative beachy band, and attracted an audience that completely filled The Spot. Opening for the band was Fishcakes, a cover group consisting of Case Western Reserve University students.

When Fishcakes went up, they played cover after cover: some of them recognizable, some of them not. It was pretty clear that the band played together just for fun; at points, they lost time as different instruments rushed the tempo.

It makes sense though. CWRU students-  even musicians- probably have better things to be studying than instrumental cohesiveness in a college cover band.

Around 10 p.m., The Mowgli’s took over the night. This band was from Southern California, and you could tell. Singer and guitarist Michael Vincze stepped up onto stage (barefoot) and slowly wafted a stick of burning incense around the playing area, his surfer-dude curly blonde locks hiding his face from the audience.

The band had a vintage appearance, sporting different vests and army jackets.  Their music shouted messages of love, acceptance and living life for the next hour. Fun guitar riffs and high performance energy  got the crowd moving. Students at one point sitting on top of others’ shoulders to get a better view.

Drummer Andy Warren slapped his drumsticks against the ceiling pipes in The Spot. Later, he and percussionist Spencer Trent clicked drumsticks together for a unique and simple addition to one of Mowgli’s signature layered sounds.

With eight members in the band though, I would hope their music is pretty layered.

The crowd knew every word to their hit, “San Fransisco,” and wasn’t afraid to sing it.

This event was quite a change from some past Spot Nights, as noted by the huge amount of student attendence. It is a change that I hope will continue to develop in all future Spot Night shows.