Walk the Moon coming soon

Show with The Griswolds sold out

Walk the Moon is known for its wild fanbase, who show up in hordes, faces painted, for the band’s shows all around the world.

But Walk the Moon’s sheer amount of sold-out shows is still pretty astounding.

As of press time, the next 10 Walk the Moon concerts were sold out, including the ninth venue on that list: Cleveland’s own House of Blues. Further along the tour schedule, an additional 17 concerts were sold out and offered only resale tickets.

The sold-out status hasn’t deterred Case Western Reserve University students from trying to find tickets. This past week, a handful of posts appeared on the “Free & For Sale” Facebook group, inquiring for cheap tickets to the concert. Originally priced at $34 through the House of Blues website, the tickets soon grew to three times that cost on Ticketmaster, and students have been searching for a cheaper price.

The concert might be worth the extra chunk of change, though. Walk the Moon’s energetic set will be matched with Australian pop-rock openers The Griswolds.

“We’re so excited,” said Tim John, bassist of The Griswolds. “All the shows have been excellent.”

Supporting Walk the Moon on their latest tour, The Griswolds have been able to experience the fandom surrounding the band and the results of sold-out shows.

“Collectively we all agree, [Walk the Moon] are such a great professional band. We’re trying to learn as much as we can from them,” said John. “Their fans are just awesome. They’re obsessed with Walk the Moon. Everything’s so positive.”

As for the ticket sale predicament, John believes that while Walk the Moon could charge more per ticket and make more of a profit off each show, it’s a “good move” that they stick with their original ticket price. This is especially apparent, given that Walk the Moon’s primary fanbase is college-aged students.

Of course Walk the Moon is not the only reason to see the show. The Griswolds made an almost instantaneous rise to fame after releasing “Be Impressive” last year. Their song “Beware the Dog” has earned significant playtime on popular radio stations in the U.S., and the band’s indie partying music has steadily grown in popularity.

“Coming over here [to the U.S.] is like a new start,” said John. “This is one of the longest tours we’ve done.”

According to John, the music in Australia is a different scene entirely. With fewer radio stations and outlets for musicians to become large, The Griswolds found fame in other areas of the world just as quickly as they did at home.

“Over here it’s a different ball game,” said John. “You can go from Los Angeles to New York and basically just start again.”

After the recent news of the Netflix launch in Australia, The Griswolds responded positively.

“We all were very, very happy,” said John. “It’s strange because we have one of the highest illegal downloading rates in the world … we’re finally catching up to the rest of the world.”

However it doesn’t seem like The Griswolds are catching up; they’re forging a new path. Writing on the road has been difficult, but not impossible for the Australian four-piece band. While their tour supporting Walk the Moon primarily focuses on well-known songs from “Be Impressive,” the band will be embarking on their own headlining tour in mid-June. This tour will include new music The Griswolds have been working on while on the road.

Check out The Griswolds and Walk the Moon at House of Blues next week (if you can snag a ticket at a non-astronomical price) or check in at The Observer for a concert review the week after the show.

Concert: Walk the Moon/The Griswolds
Location: House of Blues Cleveland
Date: April 3
Price: Via Ticketmaster (as of press time): $84-90