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Jackson Rudoff, Opinion Editor

November 2, 2018

Election Day is Nov. 6 Next Tuesday, people around the country will head to polling places to vote in their respective midterm elections. As opposed to presidential elections, midterm general elections often struggle to generate the same level of turnout. Correcting this pattern has been the goal of a nu...

Public Affairs talk to cover future of Cleveland air travel

Miriam Ridge, Contributing Reporter

September 25, 2014

On Sept. 26, Todd F. Payne, the chief of Marketing and Air Service Development of the Cleveland Airport System, will visit Case Western Reserve University to lead a discussion on the future of air service in Cleveland. The discussion will provide the opportunity for the CWRU community to learn more...

Russian president Vladimir Putin likes animals

Mark Patteson, Staff Reporter

February 7, 2014

In preparation for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, Vladimir Putin visited a Persian leopard sanctuary when suddenly a six-month-old cub attacked two journalists. Known for his action in the face of danger, Putin leaped into the fray like an agile cat and subdued the cub by calmly cuddling...

A sign from the sky? Lightning strikes iconic Rio de Janeiro monument

Mark Patteson, Staff Reporter

January 23, 2014

Last Thursday, lightning struck and broke the right thumb of Christ the Redeemer, the iconic statue that stands over and embraces Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. However, this was not likely a strike of divine inspiration: Standing 98 feet tall on the 2300-foot summit of Corcovado Mountain, the statue acts like...

Outside the Circle

November 15, 2013

Olympic torch returns to Earth after four days in space Mark Patteson Completing a hype-building journey leading up to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, the Olympic torch has landed in Kazakhstan after a four-day trip to the International Space Station. Though the torch has been launch...

Outside the Circle

Anastazia Vanisko, Staff Reporter

November 8, 2013

Over a billion dollars worth of stolen art discovered Anastazia Vanisko In a Munich home, billions of dollars worth of stolen art were recently discovered. In the past, the art was taken by the Nazis and classified as un-German or degenerate, allowing opportunity for men such as Hildebrand Gurlit...

Outside the Circle

Arielle Soffer and Anastazia Vanisko

November 4, 2013

Federal judge strikes down controversial Texas abortion limits Anastazia Vanisko US District Judge Lee Yeakel struck down part of a Texan law prohibiting abortions last Monday. Yeakel said that the new law was preventing abortion doctors from doing what they thought was best for their patients, ...

Outside the Circle

Anastazia Vanisko and Mark Patteson

October 24, 2013

Brazil seeks to create a more secure email service Anastazia Vanisko Following the discovery that Brazil was a target of the National Security Agency (NSA), Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff announced via Twitter her country’s plans to create a more secure email service. The country’s Federal D...

Outside the Circle

Anastazia Vanisko and Mark Patteson

October 11, 2013

1. Cuba calls for condemnation of US embargo for 22nd consecutive year For the 22nd year in a row, Cuba has asked the UN to condemn the United States’ 51-year embargo of the island country. Naturally, the U.S. objects, but it may face strong opposition in the UN General Assembly. Last year, Cuba...

Tara Tran and Mark Patteson

October 5, 2013

1. Megan Young, Miss Philippines, crowned Miss World 2013 United States born Megan Young won Miss World, which was hosted on the Indonesian island of Bali. Young, 23, beat 126 other contestants. Runner-ups in the event included Miss France, who took second, and Miss Ghana, who took third. Young ...

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