2019 USG Election Preview: VP of Diversity and Inclusion

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The VP of Diversity and Inclusion seeks to advocate for marginalized students and promote an inclusive community by working closely with both CWRU administration, such as with the Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs (Naomi Sigg), and student organizations, including the executive council of UDC. The VP of Diversity also serves as the chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee within USG that ensures initiatives are taken collaboratively and progress timely.

Jasmine Cuenca
Jasmine Cuenca has served as a representative for the College of Arts and Sciences for the past two years. During the year, Cuenca became involved in USG’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. One of her biggest accomplishments was working on a student-led guide to financial insecurity. As VP of Diversity and Inclusion, Cuenca intends to continue updating the guidebook and working on current initiatives, such as donating meal swipes, making menstrual products more easily available and auditing the accessibility of university housing. Cuenca also hopes to empower representatives to take on initiatives to make campus more diverse and inclusive. Additionally, Cuenca wants to create a culture where students are better able to express their opinions about social issues and where students are respectful of others’ understanding of social issues.

Kiran Desai
Kiran Desai is currently serving as a representative within USG. As VP of Diversity and Inclusion, Desai hopes to create a culture where any member of campus can voice their concerns and suggestions by holding weekly office hours when students can express their concerns Desai’s main initiative, to increase campus accessibility for people with disabilities, is one that she has already begun working on with another USG representative. In addition, Desai plans on working with RHA to create a task force that would look at every residence hall to see what features, like ramps and automatic doors, need to be installed in each building.

Paritosh Joshi
Paritosh Joshi currently serves as a representative of the College of Arts and Sciences and has previously served as a First Year Representative. Joshi has previously co-authored Resolution 27-01, Transgender Healthcare and Bathroom Access. He has also worked with the Office of Title IX and Bon Appetit to reduce sexual misconduct in on-campus dining locations. As VP of Diversity and Inclusion, Joshi intends to increase access to menstrual and sexual health products through collaboration with the Office of Residence Life and to increase religious inclusion in campus housing and audit the university’s water cleanliness.

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