2019 USG Election Preview: Chief Judicial Officer

Editorial Board

The Chief Judicial Officer aims to uphold USG’s constitution and governing documents by ensuring that all USG members follow them. In addition, the Chief Judicial Officer also presides over the assembled judicial committee that is assembled when member(s) or the action(s) of a member(s) of the general assembly break the governing documents. Additionally, the Chief Judicial Officer is also responsible for updating the constitution and governing documents.

Bonnie Wu

Bonnie Wu is currently serving as a First Year Representative. Wu believes her work with USG, prior leadership experience and passion and familiarity with USG make her an ideal candidate. This year, Wu worked to increase CWRU sports attendance. She worked with the administration to discuss ways to increase attendance through introducing attendance prizes. Wu believes that a lack of punishment for missing meetings was a major problem in USG and will enforce attendance polices more strictly as judicial officer. Wu plans to increase student awareness of the bylaws by giving each member of a USG organization a shortened version of the bylaws at the beginning of the school year. 

Jacob Roth

Jacob Roth is currently serving as a representative for the College of Arts and Sciences, after previously served as a First Year Representative. As the Chief Judicial Officer, Roth supports a complete rewrite of the USG constitution and operating bylaws to make them more readable and accessible to the public. He also hopes to make the judicial process more transparent by allowing students to bring USG-related judicial issues to the judicial board and by holding office hours so students can propose and discuss changes to the bylaws. In addition, Roth seeks to increase the ability of the judicial board to hold USG representatives accountable by making sure representatives are attending required events. Roth also aims to clarify the USG constitution in order to clearly define the member-at-large representative roles.

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