2019 USG Election Preview: VP of Public Relations

2019 USG Election Preview: VP of Public Relations

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The Vice President of Public Relations serves as the chief morale and marketing officer of USG. The VP of Public Relations aims to provide transparent, updated and relevant information to the student body through social media, newsletters and the USG website. In addition, the VP of Public Relations is also responsible for facilitating the receiving and processing of student body feedback through initiatives including Feedback Friday. The VP of Public Relations also serves as the chair of the Public Relations Committee within USG.

Alex Gould
Alex Gould has previously served as First Year Representative and as a Treasurer within USG. As Vice President of Public Relations, Gould would aim to improve transparency of USG and its representatives by increasing its social media presence, live streaming the meetings for the student body to view and increasing the interaction between USG and its constituents. In addition, Gould plans on increasing opportunities for students to give their feedback by allowing for feedback outside of Feedback Friday. Gould also aims to emphasize the importance of USG organizations on campus by promoting organizations through social media and aims to increase USG collaboration with other SPR organizations (including the Class Officer Collective, Undergraduate Diversity Collaborative (UDC) and RHA).

Dalia Zullig
Dalia Zullig is currently serving as College of Arts and Sciences Representative and has previously served as a First Year Representative. If elected as the Vice President of Public Relations, Zullig would aim make USG more approachable by creating a culture of increased contact between representatives and their constituents. In addition, Zullig aims to increase transparency and better communication with students by opening up committee meetings to students, allowing them to better voice their opinions and lead to more direct results.

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