2019 USG Election Preview: President

2019 USG Election Preview: President

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The President of USG serves as the chief leader of the undergraduate body. The President also represents the interest of undergraduate students to the administration and other governing bodies on campus by maintaining communication with chief administrators and serving as the representative of USG in the Student Presidents’ Roundtable (SPR). In addition, the President also guides and leads USG by leading executive meetings and the General Assembly, as well as setting goals for the body and making sure the body is working toward them.

Hersh Bhatt
Hersh Bhatt is currently the Vice President of Student Life and has previously served as a First Year Representative and as a Representative for the College of Arts and Sciences. Bhatt’s two main initiatives are to bring a pharmacy to Uptown and to collaborate with Uber or Lyft to provide rides at a reduced cost to students. A pharmacy would increase students’ access to health care, Bhatt claims. He added that many students are often forced to bring several months of prescription drugs from home and outside of Constantinos there is no place to purchase over-the-counter medications in the area. Bhatt’s proposal for a collaboration with ridesharing services is based on a similar policy at Johns Hopkins University where students can receive a Lyft instead of a Safe Ride at any time between 5:30 p.m. and 3:45 a.m. Bhatt believes this policy will decrease Safe Ride wait times and help students feel safer on campus.

Marin Exler
Marin Exler is currently serving as the Vice President of Public Relations and previously served as a First Year Representative and a member of the finance committee. Exler plans on bringing enthusiasm, accountability and transparency to USG and the position of president. Additionally, Exler believes there needs to be more student input in campus initiatives and changes. Furthermore, Exler wants to expand USG’s Objective and Key Result (OKR) system to include weekly check-ins with committee VPs for USG’s academic affairs, student life and diversity and inclusion committees. For USG’s finance and public relations committees, Exler believes an approach that includes a detailed plan for committee members is more suitable. Exler also intends to hold more general assembly meetings in the Tinkham Veale University Center.

Radhika Duggal
Radhika Duggal is currently the Vice President of Academic Affairs and has previously served as a First Year Representative and a Representative for the College of Arts and Sciences. If elected, Duggal hopes to make committee meetings more accessible to the public and to create a feedback line where students can comment on proposed USG initiatives. Duggal also seeks to increase the efficiency of USG by having the full executive board meet prior to general assembly with the president and vice presidents having meetings on “off-weeks” to discuss committee work and by creating a central location for USG committee updates.

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