2019 USG Election Preview: VP of Student Life

2019 USG Election Preview: VP of Student Life

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The Vice President of Student Life represents the undergraduate student body on affairs related to student life and makes sure that undergraduate students have the best possible student experience at CWRU. The VP of Student Life works with key administrators, including the Vice President of Student Affairs, currently Lou Stark, to improve the undergraduate student experience. In addition, the VP of Student Life also chairs the Student Life Committee within USG. Student life issues include campus safety and security, student health and wellness, school spirit and campus food.

Naveena Bontha

Naveena Bontha is currently serving as the Secretary of the Undergraduate Student Government and has previously served as a First Year Representative. If elected VP of Student Life, Bontha aims to increase the number of University Counseling Service (UCS) appointments available to students in order to combat the mental health issues on campus. In addition, Bontha also aims to increase the number of healthy food options after 10 p.m. by keeping the Grab-It counter in Thwing open at night to give students studying in Kelvin Smith Library healthy snack options.

Sophie Vilamara

Nursing major Sophie Vilamara is currently serving as a First Year Representative. As VP of Student Life, Vilamara aims to follow through on initiatives from creation to implementation. If elected, Vilamara aims to extend Cramelot Cafe’s hours and to create a digital library where textbooks can be checked out. She hopes to increase the publicity of USG’s weekly student life meetings and to make it easier for students to propose initiatives. In addition, Vilamara aims to have a diverse committee in order to better represent the needs of a diverse community of students.

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