Meet the bands

Springfest Battle of the Bands to take place Thursday

Springfest will host its annual Battle of the Bands this Thursday, Feb. 26, where Case Western Reserve University musicians will compete for a chance to open for the headliner at Springfest 2015. The top three bands from the battle will play earlier in the day, with the first place winner directly opening for Hoodie Allen.

The best part about Battle of the Bands is that it is completely decided by the students. Upon entering the venue, each student gets a ticket to use for voting.

Here is a look at the bands performing at The Spot this Thursday, at 9 p.m.


Name: Thugdub

Member: First-year student Wade Hopper

Type of Music: Rap

Influences: Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar

Why he’s fighting in the battle of the bands: “When I found out that there was a rap act performing, I knew I had to get up here and try my best. I’m trying to do two things: I’m trying to increase rap awareness and I’m trying to light a fire on these guy’s ass so we can get more rap in the future at Case.”

What we can expect: “If I do get this show, I would want to put together a good two and a half hour rap show.”

Random Fact: Wade is a member of Sigma Chi and CWRU’s baseball team.


Name: Thread and Needle

Members: Graduates Alex Zinni and Matt Miller

Type of Music: Rock & Roll

Influences: Mississippi John, The Decemberists

Why they’re fighting in the battle of the bands: “We really love performing and think it’d be an honor to open up for Hoodie Allen.”

What we can expect: “Probably some original songs”

Random Fact: Thread and Needle performed at The Battle of The Bands last year


Name: alright.

Members: Third-year student Edward Peng, third-year student Mario Slagle, Third-year student Leina Lunasco, second-year student Max Ventura, second-year student Jack Boatman, second-year student Ted Rogozinski

Type of Music: Funk & Rock

Influences: Earth, Wind & Fire; “Anything we can incorporate”

Why they’re fighting in the battle of the bands: “We just love to perform.”

What we can expect: “We’re doing covers. They’ll be some hits and throwbacks. Some real throwbacks.”

Random Fact: Their name is ‘alright.’ because they’re not bad.


Name: Pyramid

Members: Fourth-year student Kyle Gramling, second-year student Steven Reynolds, third-year student Erina Quinn, first-year student Maggie McClarren

Type of Music: Indie Rock/Blues/Alternative

Influences: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Radiohead, “Doing our own thing”

Why they’re fighting in the battle of the bands: “We like playing music and have been playing for years so why not. It’s my [Kyle’s] last year so why not give it a shot?”

What we can expect: “One’s probably going to be a cover, and one an original just so the audience kinda knows one of the songs and get eased into something they don’t know.”

Social Media Outlets: None

Random Fact: Pyramid’s name comes from the fact that each member of the band is a different class at CWRU.


Name: PaperOnly

Members: Third-year student Hyun Lee, fourth-year student Eric Su, third-year student Alex Deutch, third-year student Nikhil Krishnan

Type of Music: Covers, “We cover whatever we feel like, mostly pop. We don’t really have a definite vision of music.”

Influences: N/A

Why they’re fighting in the battle of the bands: “We just like performing. Our goal isn’t to make it big, we’re just a bunch of guys who like making music. We like the thrill of performing. It’s also the last year for PaperOnly because Eric and I [Alex] are leaving.”

What we can expect: “All three songs are from different parts of pop. One is more of a Pop/Punk type of thing, another is a fast paced type and one is the definition of pure pop. You can expect a good time. You’re not going to get a musical masterpiece but you’ll get a group of friends having fun and enjoying music.”

Random Fact: Their name PaperOnly came from a recycling bin.


Name: Creekside Suburb

Member: Isaiah Ahn (Singer & Guitarist/18/Freshman)

Type of Music: Indie Singer-Songwriter

Influences: Jon Foreman, Penny and Sparrow, Andrew Belle, Sufjan Stevens, City and Color

Why they’re fighting in the battle of the bands: “I really do like music, I really do enjoy it. It’s my passion. The most important thing for me is to connect my listeners to the things I feel.”

What we can expect: “Lots of fun. It’ll be more of a crowd interaction; I’ll be more open. I’ll probably play about three originals, possibly one cover.”

Random Fact: Creekside Suburb started as a two-man band, and the name of the band was influenced by Ahn’s hometown.


Name: Meyccal

Members: Third-year student Nikhil Krishnan, third-year student James Du, third-year student Alex Deutch

Type of Music: Progressive Disco, Synth Metal

Influences: Richard Strauss, Muse

Why they’re fighting in the battle of the bands: “We love Hoodie Allen to be honest and would really love a chance to open up for him.”

What we can expect: “Expect the unexpected. Expect the expected. And a lot of laughs as well as original covers.”

Random Fact: ‘Meyccal’ is Tamil (Nikhil’s Mother’s Native Tongue) for “Pastures.”