CES wrap-up: Carbon Origins

Katie Wieser, Executive Editor

After the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early January, aerospace startup Carbon Origins and the Apollo are on the move.

In the week since the show ended, Amogha Srirangarajan and the whole team have decided to launch a partner company, Carbon Labs, to help develop the software and hardware tools needed for Carbon Origins’ aerospace projects.

The flagship product of this new company will, in fact, be the Apollo board, which is a small chip with eleven different sensors that can be used to track information for flight or a multitude of other applications.

During CES, the company was bombarded with visitors wondering how they could use the Apollo to advance their own technology.

Everyone from local sports teams to educators saw this product as an essential tool, a perspective similar to Srirangarajan’s own.

“We are looking to bridge that gap between humans and space. Apollo is really just another tool to make the human race better. And it was born out of a rocket,” said Srirangarajan.

Carbon Origins is now looking at lots of potential opportunities that could give the startup a huge boost. Some of the potential partners they spoke with would create a demand for tens of thousands of boards. Needless to say, their original goal to fill up their beta testing pool was blown out of the water.

“Everything from our business plan to marketing has changed after the show. It was like drinking water from a fire hose,” said Srirangarajan.

So the team decided the only way they could keep pursuing their goal of aerospace exploration and advancement was to give the Apollo its own corporate infrastructure through Carbon Labs. The team is looking to capitalize on this unexpected new market and develop new tools in the same spirit to help others achieve their technological dreams.

They’ve also realized that their small team living out in the desert won’t be enough to achieve all of their goals for both start-ups. So the company is looking for new blood. They are looking to hire scientists, developers, entrepreneurs and anyone else who can add value to the team. And they are hoping to bring the best and the brightest to their team to help pursue their vision in this brave new world. For inquiries regarding this opportunity, contact Srirangarajan at amogha@carbonorigins.com.

Carbon Origins and Carbon Labs are moving forward. With the Apollo as their fuel, the team is looking past CES to the new and exciting opportunities this year will have in store.

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