Lucius, Alpenglow celebrate Halloween at Spot Night

Anne Nickoloff, Staff Reporter

The Spot’s last show displayed an audience filled with sailors, ghouls, celebrity look-a-likes and (as with all college Halloween celebrations) plenty of cats.

However, opener Alpenglow had the best costumes of the night, hands down.

The five members of Alpenglow appeared on stage, with singers and guitarists Graeme Daubert and Peter Coccoma sporting black pantyhose, black skirts, green jackets and bright blonde wigs. “We’re Lucius,” they said after the first song.

The other three members had on plain black outfits and mustaches—even violinist Elori Kramer, who had her hair tied back to help make her costume more believable.

But in the end, it wasn’t very believable; Daubert’s and Coccoma’s dark facial hair and quite visible leg hair didn’t seem to be Lucius’ style. “They wear the costumes… we’re the real thing,” while gesturing to the Lucius frontwomen Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, who were laughing near the stage in cute sailor outfits.

Alpenglow’s woodsy sound fit the fall weather, creating similar vibes as Fleet Foxes (but less chorally focused). Furthermore, their cooing vocals were set apart with Kramer’s banjo plucks and swinging violin parts. Altogether, the concert was like a hike at sunrise through a woodsy mountain trail, similar to the natural phenomenon the band is named after.

Lucius was a little harder to define, since their band name is derived from the Latin word for “light.” The beginning of Lucius’ set was not very light, breaking away from Alpenglow’s reverent calm with a spooky, creepy and downright weird opening bit by one of the three male band members (all dressed as white, blood-splattered sailor uniforms). He used a voice changer to create two different pitches, one low and one high, for two different characters in a scary story. However, the sound mixing was off, and it soon became so muffled that you couldn’t understand a word he said.

Maybe it was just a failed attempt at a Halloween scare. But the rest of their set felt more like Lucius, except for the fact that they went along with Alpenglow’s prank by saying, “We’re Alpenglow, but buy Lucius’ album.”

Other than that, they were pretty spot-on.

Their song “Monsters” fit the Halloween theme nicely, with a dissonant yet charming feel charged by airy vocals and plunky guitar scales. “Until We Get There” was immediately recognizable (as a huge fan of “New Girl,” I remembered this from a third season episode).

The most notable part of their performance had to be the last song—a cover of Paul McCartney’s “Goodbye.” The band entered the crowd, asking everyone to circle around and quiet down a bit. Their voices were hard to hear at first, but as the dressed-up crowd simmered down, their voices floated through the circle.

As if The Spot’s stage wasn’t close enough, Lucius brought a new level of intimacy to the Halloween show.