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CKI Haunted House, a philanthropic success

CKI Haunted House, a philanthropic success

Roxanne Yang, Contributing Reporter November 4, 2016

Circle K International (CKI) hosted its second annual Haunted House last Friday, Oct. 28 in Thwing Center. Students had the opportunity to get in the mood for Halloween early while aiding CKI’s philanthropic...

Respecting each other this Halloween

Respecting each other this Halloween

October 28, 2016

College campuses have found themselves in a state of hypervisibility lately, mostly due to what some consider to be “political correctness.” Everything that happens on campus is watched, carefully,...

Clevelands Simply His Servants will perform The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Cedar Lee Theater.

Haunted Cleveland

Maria Fazal, Staff Reporter October 30, 2015

Halloween only comes once a year, so it’s important to make the most of it. These are the best festive events happening this weekend in Cleveland, from the family-friendly to the downright frightening....

Halloween at Home will not return next year

Gabrielle Buffington, Staff Reporter November 21, 2014

Halloween at Home is discontinued indefinitely. “For the foreseeable future, yes.” Colin Worden, executive president of the Class Officer Collective, uttered this statement gently and with...

Halloween Trends and Tricks

Allison Duchin, Staff Reporter October 30, 2014

Halloween trends change from year to year just like regular fashion trends do. However, the difference is that the general public doesn’t witness these trends until that one night occurs. There will...

The experience of fear

Alex Clarke, Staff Reporter October 30, 2014

Fear Experience is an appropriate name for the haunted house in Parma, Ohio, partly owned by sophomore Max Simon. From the moment you walk in actors follow you, stare at you and block your path. Which...

Rocky horror

Films for your fearfest

Winston Eng, Staff Reporter October 30, 2014

While I’m sure you’ll be on the lookout to catch ABC’s “Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin” special, “The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror” or your annual dose of Disney’s “Halloweentown” and...

Students interact at a table at the 2010 Halloween at Home, a campus tradition which is no more.

COC cancels this year’s Halloween at Home festivities

Sruthi Meka, Contributing Reporter September 25, 2014

The Class Officer Collective has axed popular campus tradition Halloween at Home in favor of more class-oriented activities. The event, which has been a campus tradition since the early 2000s, celebrated...

Lucius, Alpenglow celebrate Halloween at Spot Night

Anne Nickoloff, Staff Reporter November 3, 2013

The Spot’s last show displayed an audience filled with sailors, ghouls, celebrity look-a-likes and (as with all college Halloween celebrations) plenty of cats. However, opener Alpenglow had the best...

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