New trends to warm up to before the polar vortex hits


Timmy Kuo/Observer

Cardigans and flannel shirts are a warm and fashionable choice to almost any outfit.

Allison Duchin, Staff Reporter

Have no fear that the polar vortex is almost here, because so are the newest trends for this coming late fall-winter fashions.

To help with the approaching frosty weather, many trends are embracing layering techniques, especially with different kinds of material. Pairing an oversized cardigan with a light lace camisole underneath uses this technique and keeps you warm. Key accents to look for on oversized cardigans are metalware, like zipper pockets or emphasized buttons.

If this doesn’t keep you warm enough (which is probable, given Cleveland’s harsh winters), get a shorter cut sweater and pair that over a longer cut chiffon or more sheer blouse. The heavy and light weight combinations give the outfit an interesting look while maintaining its ultimate purpose: your warmth.

Another material that works great for layering and matches easily with leather trims and accents are flannel shirts. This popular, softer version of a button-down blouse looks great when paired with a clean, simple shirt underneath, leather-treated leggings (don’t worry, they don’t have to be real to get the look of leather) and topped with a soft circle scarf, hat or snood. This comfy-casual but chic look can be made over numerous different ways with different prints, but will always look polished.

An area many people forget they can layer is their legs. The emphasis on high patterned socks that can stick out above knee high or over the knee boots continues from last year. This look of layering your legs with jeans or leggings with socks, or socks over tights when wearing a skirt can allow for the maximum amount of versatility of transitional season clothing, which is composed of skirts and dresses.

Due to the versatility of the layered look, it was the most popular of the new trends this year when surveyed.

If the layered look isn’t for you, don’t fret—there are still plenty of trending styles that lean away from multiple layer looks. One of these trends is the oversized sweater tunic or dress with a large cowl neckline. The statement neckline is a nice standout detail that can easily be paired with tights and high boots or just a pair of jeans or leggings. This look optimizes both comfort and style that is acceptable for numerous occasions.

A different trend that is being noticed this season is a shift from typically dark shades to lighter pastel colors, which are usually symbolic of spring trends. Although charcoal grey, olive, red and camel brown are colors that are typically present in winter seasons, this season softer shades have grown in popularity. Some of these shades include blush, pale blues and cream tones instead of white.

In order to incorporate these colors to be more wintery, I suggest looking for tweed styled garments in these colors, or simply pairing these colors with darker bolder accessories. These accessories can be inclusive to chain jewelry or jewelry with sharp, clean edges for details, or once again nearly any kind of leather detail. H&M marries these contrasting elements of dark and light together in much of their new collection, one piece being a blush blazer with leather lapel treatments.

So while it may still feel like summer with the frequent temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s, don’t be fooled; cold weather is around the corner—but hopefully not in the negatives just yet.