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Madeon illuminates House of Blues

Madeon's music and his vibrant light show hyped up the crowd at the House of Blues last week.

Anne Nickoloff, Director of Print

May 2, 2015

Madeon is half about the music, and half about the experience. On his latest “Adventure” tour, Madeon stopped by Cleveland on Wednesday, April 29. The House of Blues boomed and shook with music throughout the nearly two-hour set. The massive diamond-shaped light fixture onstage zapped with...

Taking back Tuesday

Taking Back Sunday will be taking the House of Blues Stage this coming Tuesday, March 10, for a show which will incorporate the band's new video screens.

Anne Nickoloff, Arts & Entertainment Editor

March 5, 2015

The last time Taking Back Sunday rolled through Cleveland, it was at Marc’s Great American Rib Cook Off and Music Festival. And, in line with the band’s name, the show was, in fact, on a Sunday. On May 25, 2014, as the crowd gathered around Jacob’s Pavilion at Nautica on the west side of Cleveland,...

“Jamtronic” band Lotus to perform at House of Blues Sunday

Lotus celebrates their 10th Anniversary on

Josie Krome, Staff Reporter

March 3, 2015

Lotus formed in 1999, and has a sound that is hard to pin down to a single word, but “jamtronica” comes close. As described by Luke Miller, Lotus’ guitar, piano, and organ player, Lotus has been labelled as “dance-rock, live-electronica, and jamband.” The band brings in all different themes...

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