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New think[box] center receives one million dollar grant

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Think[box] is one step closer to being built, with a new one million dollar grant from the Burton D. Morgan Foundation.

The new $35 million, seven-story think[box] building, located behind the Veale Center, has been in the works for almost a year, with the first four floors scheduled to open in the fall. The rest of the building should open by fall of 2016.

The first floor will be a community floor, with space for club activities and public exhibitions. The second floor will have space for collaboration and programming, while the third will be a prototyping floor containing similar items to the current think[box], located in the basement of the Glennan Building. The fourth floor will be for fabrication and will contain welding and heavier equipment.

The fifth floor will have space for student group projects, with the sixth reserved for student start-ups, including Blackstone LaunchPad and representatives from the business and law school. The seventh floor will be an incubator floor, which will help students take their businesses from ideas to reality. It is designed so that students start on the first floor and then move further up as they go through the process of creating their product.

The grant will be used to create offices on the sixth floor, which will provide space for mentoring, resources and advice to the students using the space.

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New think[box] center receives one million dollar grant