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UHCS, KSL team up to host relaxation sessions

KSL will partner with UHCS to host a series of breath sessions to destress students and raise body awareness.

Kushagra Gupta, Staff Reporter

December 2, 2016

“Just breathe” is simply not advice professors give to their students before tests. Beginning Nov. 18, University Health and Counseling Services (UHCS) and ConnectCWRU teamed up with Kelvin Smith Library (KSL) to offer students relaxation sessions at the library before and during the final exam we...

Best Of…Campus Study Spots

Lars Torres, Staff Reporter

September 2, 2016

So, you wish to know about some of the finer study spots that Case Western Reserve University has to offer you, eh?  Well then, look no further than this rather comprehensive list of the places that one can consider to be “effective study spots” for those looking for ease, tranquility and peace...

Same budget, new design

KSL is severely underfunded compared to the libraries of comparative institutions. It has had to make a number of cuts in recent years due to financial constraints. This has included popular research databases.

Aquene Kimmel, Opinion Editor

March 19, 2015

CWRU's library is looking to make some serious upgrades in the next year.

ITS to open new CARE Center in KSL

Julia Bianco, News Editor

February 20, 2015

Information Technology Services (ITS) will be opening a new computer help center at the Kelvin Smith Library (KSL) on March 9. The center will be a more central hub for ITS’ operations and joins ITS’ two other Customer Assistance, Resource and Education (CARE) Centers, located on Bellflower Road...

New exhibit gives students a taste of World War I life

A new KSL exhibit on World War I, featuring propaganda posters, like this one, seen on many university campuses during that time period.

Aneeka Ayyar, Contributing Reporter

September 26, 2014

Have you ever wondered what life would have been like as a Case Western Reserve University student during World War I? With Kelvin Smith Library’s new exhibit, students can take this step into the past. The exhibit is managed by the Scholarly Collections and Special Collections committee. Melissa...

A Saturday for Sobota

A Saturday for Sobota

Anne Nickoloff, Music Reporter

October 13, 2012

On Saturday October 20th, the Kelvin Smith Library and the Rowfant Club will launch a bookbinding exhibit to honor and praise the works of Jan Bohuslav Sobota, Master of Bookbinding. The exhibit hosts numerous examples of Sobota’s art, including a tiny version of “Hamlet”hidden underneath a sculptured skull, an...

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